At AMI, Quality is our Policy.
Accuracy Machine’s Quality Policy is to not only maintain, but also earn greater customer loyalty by providing quality consistent products and services. We will accomplish this by efficiently producing high quality products, consistently on time, at a fair price. As Accuracy machines Employee’s, we are all committed to this policy.

Accuracy Machine will implement this policy through the following courses of action:
- Consistently meeting customer specification and requirements.
- We will seek to continuously improve our products, processes and the effectiveness of our quality management system.
- Comply with relevant regulatory requirements.
- Maintain, update and audit our Quality Management System.

Quality System Certifications

ISO9001:2015 Certified

Our systems revolve around quality.
We maintain a QMS upholding the standards of ISO9001:2015.
Supporting documents include Quality Manual, Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions. In order to consistently provide quality products, our team will work with you to develop product specific SOPs and Work Instructions. We strive to maintain specification and regulatory consistency while continuously improving and refining our procedures and practices.

Accuracy – it’s in our name.
Our equipment and measuring devices are maintained and calibrated to ensure specifications and tolerances are met accurately and consistently. Calibration is completed by a third party ANAB-accredited laboratory. All instruments have been calibrated against standards traceable to NIST.

Training & Development
Our team is constantly enhancing their skills and learning new methods to efficiently and effectively provide consistent quality products. Employees are encouraged to cross train within the facility as well as attend classes and seminars to improve their skills, knowledge and abilities.

Quality from start to finish - and beyond.
We believe that quality starts at your first point of contact with us and goes beyond the last operation we complete on your product. We complete several quality checks throughout our process to ensure product conformance as well as your satisfaction with the service you receive. With our documented Quoting and Order Acknowledgement processes along with our working knowledge of drawings, materials and the ever-changing industry standards & regulations, we are able to be proactive right from the start. From raw materials receiving to final quality checks, our skilled and specifically trained team will ensure conformance throughout production. But quality does not stop there. To improve our processes and procedures, we rely on your feedback and satisfaction to help enhance our current programs.
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Green Bay, WI 54313 
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